Wv Core Coursework Transfer Agreement

BridgeValley Community and Technical College has formal agreements with several colleges and universities to facilitate the transition of transfer students. If you`re considering a change but aren`t sure what credits you`ll need to complete a particular degree, you can start looking at transfer and articulation agreements. We also accept a variety of non-traditional loans such as West Virginia Earn a Degree, Graduate Early (WV EDGE), Advanced Placement (AP) and/or College Level Examination Program (CLEP). For more information on how BridgeValley credits are transferred to other institutions, please visit our BridgeValley Credit Transfer page. CTCS Annual Public and Private Web Information Recertification6 29 20 Regionally Accredited 4-Year Institutions in West Virginia The portal also includes links to various agency reports, including the Annual Higher Education Almanac, the Full Financial Aid Report, and the Fall Enrollment Report. . Understand the articulation course by course at BridgeValley Search: Pierpont`s catalog can be searched by course, program, keyword, etc. My Portfolio: This feature allows you to record and follow your favorite programs and courses. Welcome to the interactive academic catalogue of pierpont Community College and technical college! This publication contains detailed information on academic programmes and courses. We encourage students and prospective students to refer to it when planning their graduation pathway. Browse the contents of the catalog from the navigation menu on the left side of the page. Here are some features of our new interactive and digital academic catalogue. The West Virginia CTCS oversees community and technical colleges throughout the state and maintains high standards of education and students.

TCT remains committed to providing accurate and transparent tracking of data for public use. Explorer is an interactive data tool that allows the public to access college data ranging from the post-secondary aspirations of high school graduates to their college success and workforce outcomes. Easy printing: Print only the pages that are important to you. Program offerings at WV Colleges To help you better understand the articulation from course to course, please read the guide below. .

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