eCommerce solutions for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Accept credit card payments online with our Woocommerce & WordPress plugins and services.

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Age Verification

Verify your visitor’s age before they can browse your website.

Pop-up Age Verification: When visiting your website for the first time, the patient is presented with a yes/no or custom question for age verification.
Disallow Illegal Website Browsing: verifying your user’s age keeps your business safe.
Keep Customers Happy: Once the visitor confirms they are over 21, they will not be asked again.

Patient Registration

Customized patient and dispensary registration forms for WordPress.

Upload Legal Documents: Customer enters information & uploads medical marijuana recommendation and drivers license.
Medical ID Expiration Check: if expired the patient will not be allowed to purchase any THC products.
Patient Approval: administrator can review registration information and documents before patient account is verified & activated.

Credit Card Payments

Process online orders via in-store or virtual payment terminal with this Woocommerce plugin.

Accept Credit Cards Online: Legally process manually offline.
Secure Payments: Credit Card information is transferred securely.
Make More Money: Accepting credit cards raises sales by 23%
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Advanced Shipping

A WooCommerce shipping plugin to restrict THC/CBD shipping by state, zip, or city.

Complete Control: Decide where individual products can be shipped to.
Save Time: Automatic shipping limitations keep you from having to manually refund orders again and again.
Accept Credit Card Payments Online at your MMJ Dispensary

Legal Online to Offline Payments

Accept Credit Cards on your site, then process online orders via in-store or virtual payment terminal with this Woocommerce plugin.

Legally Process Online Orders Offline: Enter in the customer’s credit card information however you’d like.
Secure Payments & Transfer: Part of the Credit Card information is transferred to a secure mailbox, and part of it is saved in your admin panel.
Make More Money: People spend 18% more money when they use a credit card, according to a study by Dun & Bradstreet.
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Simplify your Records

Making your income easy to manage means that you’ll make tax season easy for you and your accountant.

Keep your Bank Account: Financial institutions require electronic transactions to be on the books to open and keep your business account.
Payment Straight to Your Bank Account: With electronic payment you can receive payments directly into your bank account.
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Accept Credit Card Payments Online for your Dispensary

Let's get you accepting payments online, legally.

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