Time Charter Agreement Template

(d) if, during an inspection of the ship carried out by the authorities to verify compliance with that Directive, the ship is delayed due to non-compliance with a requirement of this Directive, the period of such delay shall not be considered as a period of detention or, if the ship is in a state of detention. d. if the ship remains or is in a port and/or anchorage for more than 20 days, the owners must inform the charterers that the performance of the ship may be affected and the owners are not responsible for any change in the description of the ship`s speed and consumption until the ship`s hull has been cleaned; which owners and charterers need to do as quickly as possible. and which go to the time and cost of charterers. To avoid, for example, according to this clause, if the ship remains or is established for more than 20 days as a result of the Owners Act and / or the omission and / or violation of the charter, the guaranteed speed and consumption figures and the costs of cleaning the hull go to the owner`s invoices. and the ship shall at all times hold at least 25% SDWT during the period of such non-leased hull cleaning (c); (a) The owners undertake that the ship and the “company” (as defined in the International Management Code for Ship Safety Operation and Pollution Prevention (ISM Code) (the “ISM Code”) comply with the requirements of the ISM Code for the duration of such charters. Charterers may request verification of the compliance document and/or safety management certificate at any time and, upon receipt of such a request, owners must make it available without delay. If the Charterers do not exercise their option to terminate this Charter, the new cancellation date for the purposes of this clause is 12 (12) hours after the date and time communicated by the Owners in accordance with subsections 2.2 or 2.3 or such other date and time as may be mutually agreed. (a) The owners undertake that, before arriving at the port of loading, the hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content in the ship`s atmosphere has been reduced at the time and at the costs of the charterer below the lower part: the owners must provide the completed questionnaires in good time in the format required by the charterers for all loading or unloading terminals, if required by charterers for the duration of the charter. The owners guarantee that the ship meets all mandatory ballast water requirements at the time and cost of charterers. The Owners assume and release liability for loss and/or damage (with the exception of consequential damages and/or damages) and for any expenses, fines, penalties and other claims, including, but not limited to, legal fees resulting from the Owners` failure to comply with these provisions.

If such an omission results in a delay, the ship is out of rent for any time lost, regardless of the difference in rules in that country. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties may jointly choose that such a dispute is in force for the time being before a tribunal composed of three arbitrators, in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996 or an amendment or new rules of arbitral law in London and that it is currently subject to the terms of the London Maritime Arbitrators` Association. or at other addresses that the parties may designate from time to time by written notice. Failure to transmit a copy of the notification to a party that is mentioned as having the right to obtain a copy shall not affect the validity of a duly issued notification. in the case of a telex at the time of transmission, recorded in the message, if, during normal opening hours between 09:00 and 17:00, that time is located on one working day at the place of receipt, otherwise, at the beginning of normal opening hours, the next working day at the place of receipt, a confirmation by automatic remote reply is received in both cases. . . .

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