South West Sydney Lhd Service Agreement

The report recommends a review of the funding methodology for local health zones to ensure a more equitable allocation of resources to growth areas such as South West Sydney. Source: Peter Rae “No patient should have to travel long distances to access a service or procedure, especially when the body or life is threatened or requires frequent multidisciplinary support,” he told the investigation. Since then, UNSW`s presence in the south-west has grown considerably, with numerous research groups at the Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research and a number of academic posts set up by hospitals in Sydney`s south-west. Employees in south-west Sydney are playing an increasing role in UNSW Medicine`s research. The committee made 17 recommendations, with several vacancies for specialists in Liverpool, Campbelltown and Fairfield hospitals immediately filled. It also called for an increase in the number of paramedics and a check on maternity and child services. Dr Ung also said that 12-year-olds often have to travel up to 50 kilometres to Randwick due to illnesses such as acute appendicitis, because there was no children`s hospital in south-west Sydney. The transition from purely clinical services to a teaching, research and clinical research environment has been seamless. The leadership and collaboration of the lead clinicians was excellent in welcoming the new academics and specialists to this part of Sydney. One of the most important tasks has been the promotion of resources to support the development of research. This was achieved through the collaboration of scientists with the Area Health Service during the establishment of the Health Research Foundation Sydney South West and the Ingham Institute. There have been other initiatives in the fields of medicine, cancer, trauma, epidemiology, general medicine, health research and psychiatry.

They argued that investment in frontline health workers in Sydney`s south-west and west had increased by 16 per cent from 2015 to 2019. The report also calls for a review of maternity and child services. Nicolas Walker, Minister of Shadow and Health, Ryan Park, described the report as a “devastating” snapshot of an area that accounts for 12 per cent of the state`s population, with the second fastest population growth rate after western Sydney. . . .

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